Clay Flowers Designs

Our flowers designs combines with bunches of clay flowers or clay bonsai. They are lovingly hand crafted in true imitation of nature.

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Power of Pure White Clay

How to make the lifelike clay flowers and clay bonsai? They are all made of pure white clay and other accessories. The best part about clay flowers and clay bonsai is they will last!

Unique Flowers Designs

Each flower design is an art from using clay flowers or miniatures clay trees to create a unique arrangement. That is the reason you always have your own centerpiece at home, or make great gifts for someone you love.

True Imitation of Nature

We utilize the original patented white clay to form incredibly lifelike clay flower design. Clay Flowers and Clay Bonsai are very delicate with details of stem, leaves and flowers.

Made to Order

Clay Flowers Designs create custom clay floral designs as clay flowers and clay bonsai are lovingly hand crafted collections or gifts. You can specify exact colors you wish to have.

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  • Clay Flower & Clay Bonsai – Sakura


    Warm temperature caused the cherry blossom front to move up the trees reached full bloom in Spring. Rain, wind and temperatures can have a strong effect on the process of the season. For example, they can accelerate, delay or shorten […]

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  • Clay Flowers – Peony

    Happy New Year!
    We want to share the “PEONY” with you. Along with the plum blossom, it is the traditional floral symbol of China. It is also known as “flower of riches and honour” or “king of the flowers”, and is […]

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  • Bonsai Art

    Today, we would like to introduce a Japanese society that is established by a group of Japanese with experience in handmade bonsai flower arrangement and flower design. It is “National Association molding bonsai artist”.
    “Molding Bonsai” would work depending on the […]

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  • Clay Bonsai – Japanese Beautyberry

    Japanese Beautyberry (Callicarpa japonica) is a small tree with purple berry fruits. The flowers can range from pink to white. Their colour and glossiness makes them look artificial.
    This species is native to Japan. It is called Murasakishikibu in Japanese, and […]

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  • Clay Bonsai – Japanese Black Pine Bonsai

    Japanese Black Pine is the king of bonsai and Pines are often thought to be the pinnacle of bonsai horticultural accomplishment.
    The bark of Japanese Black Pine Bonsai starts out as a grey colour, as the tree mature its branches and […]

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  • Clay Bonsai – Bonsai Styles

    Bonsai can be classified into varies styles: formal upright, informal upright, slanting cascade, and semicascade. When shaping a tree, we must decide which style is best suited to the tree’s natural design. Keep in mind the image of how the […]

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  • Clay Bonsai – Fruit Tree

    Fruit Trees that are GOOD for Bonsai !
    There are some varieties of fruit trees making ideal bonsai trees, such as grapes trees, crabapple trees, berry trees, cherry trees, fig trees, and citrus trees. These species are not dwarf varieties but […]

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  • Clay Bonsai Display II

    Clay Bonsai are lovingly hand crafted in true imitation of nature. It utilise the elements of displaying a ‘real bonsai’ that allows a viewer to see all the important features of the small trees in a container.
    So viewer would see […]

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  • Clay Bonsai – Peach Tree

    Peaches have been grown in Asia for more than two thousand years. For Chinese, peach tree represents “longevity”, and the peach fruit is associated with immortality and long life.
    Peach Tree is a kind of clay bonsai fruit trees that can […]

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  • Clay Bonsai Display

    How to display your CLAY BONSAI?
    We can make good use of the traditional elements of bonsai display in our CLAY BONSAI display design. The traditional elements include a bonsai tree, a display table or stand, an accent item and a […]

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